Tea for Two at Teahaus

I am a big fan of Teahaus, having logged serious hours there during my 1L year while studying for finals. It’s tucked up on 4th Street in Kerrytown, meaning that it’s far enough from campus to be blissfully undegrad-free and thus perfect for studying. Also, it serves delicious scones and macarons. That helps the studying, too.

My mom came into town last Friday to help me pack up and clean my apartment before leaving Ann Arbor for the summer. And, since it was two short days before Mother’s Day, I thought it would be nice to do a classy pre-Mother’s Day tea in celebration.

While I’ve had tea and treats at Teahaus many times before, this time I opted for the Full English Tea Service. You have to book a few days in advance (no walk-ins for the full tea are allowed), and you are treated to lots of delicious food. What’s fun about the Teahaus experience is that it provides all the fancy sandwiches, scones, and pastries you would expect from an English Tea, but in a more low-key environment (a contrast, for example, to my experience having High Tea at the Drake). Don’t get me wrong – I love the super classy, get all dressed up and feel fancy approach to tea, but it’s also nice to do it this way too.

The Full English Tea Service comes with unlimited tea. I started with an iced Moroccan Mint, which sounded super refreshing as it was quite warm that day. It was tasty but didn’t feel quite right – when I do a full tea, I want the warm-tea-served-in-a-fancy-teapot experience. So, I switched to the Strawberry Mint Lavender Tea, which was also lovely:


Then, the food began to arrive. Our tea started with a small bowl of vegetable soup:


And if we could pause for a moment to note the adorably cute napkin rings:


After our tea and soup were served, the gigantic tray of goodies came out, eliciting envious stares from fellow patrons:


On the bottom layer were the little finger sandwiches, which always make me feel super British when I eat them. We had a variety of five – a traditional cucumber sandwich, an egg sandwich, a chicken salad sandwich (topped with a dried strawberry), a bread topped with brie and fig jam, and a bread topped with pepperoni (the pepperoni was super flavorful). I think the brie and fig one was my favorite:


On the second layer were the scones – two plain ones, and two fruit ones. There are also a variety of creams and jams served, my absolute favorite being the lemon custard (so, so tasty!):



(It’s at this point of the meal, once we’ve been served tea and scones with jam, that The Sound of Music starts playing in my head…you know, “tea, a drink with jam and bread”?)

(Is that just me? Probably.)

Anyway, finally, on the top layer were the pastries – two macarons (one chocolate, one lavender, and both with the perfect macaron combination of a flaky shell and chewy interior), two little chocolate cakes, and two sugar cookies:


All in all, this was a lovely experience. I would highly recommend the Full English Tea at Teahaus, but even if you don’t want to go for the whole shebang, please go there and at least have a scone. It’s worth it.

The Details: TeaHaus | 204-206 N. 4th Ave, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 | 734.622.0460

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