Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 75 (Arrested Development Hysteria Edition)

As I was pulling together this week’s list of things that are awesome, I realized I had a LOT of Arrested Development stuff. I decided to just succumb to the madness and make an entire list dedicated to the awesomeness that is the Bluth family. One more day, people!

  1. Feel free to insert Tobias Funke into any available openings. Here are some fantastic examples.
  2. 5 Ways Arrested Development Ruined My Life. And by “ruined,” I believe the author clearly means “made way, way better.”
  3. Here are four (way too short) clips to get you excited for the new episodes. Bees!
  4. Who’s the most quotable Bluth? (We all know it’s Lucille) (Is this even a question?!?)
  5. A sampling of Arrested Development crafts on Etsy.
  6. These are amazing comparisons: Arrested Congressional Development.
  7. Lucille Bluth vs. The Disney Princesses. The Jasmine one is the best.
  8. A really comprehensive tumblr: The Bluths.
  9. I can’t imagine how long it took to pull this together, but this catalog of recurring jokes is amazing: Recurring Developments.
  10. A video of the 2011 panel discussion where the reunion was announced.
  11. I always do ten things, but leaving out any one of these would be like Sophie’s Choice. So, I’m breaking my own rules and adding this: the Arrested Development Superfan Quiz.

Happy Arrested Development Eve!

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