Shake Shack-ing It

shake shack1

Chances are, if you know anyone who has visited New York recently, or who has lived here, they’ve probably been to the Shake Shack, and possibly raved about it. The Shake Shack has locations all around the city and is known for its delicious burgers, yummy custards, and insanely long lines.

When I moved to the city a few weeks ago, I learned a very surprising fact: I was living just a few minutes from a Shake Shack. Uh oh, I thought – this could be dangerous.

I visited the Shack on a rainy Sunday evening, which I deliberately did to avoid the long lines (and, for the record, it totally worked – I didn’t have to wait at all). Here’s what I ordered:

A burger with pickles, onions, and ketchup:

shake shack2

Fries with a cheese sauce (I did not care for the cheese; I think I’m more of a fries and ketchup kind of gal):

shake shack3

And a “concrete” with toffee (a concrete is basically frozen custard mixed with toppings of your choosing).

shake shack4

My verdict?

Meh. I’ll admit I’m not really a burger person, so perhaps that’s why I was underwhelmed, but I just don’t get the Shake Shack hype. I thought my burger and fries tasted good, but I didn’t think anything about them elevated them above your standard burger and fries. The concrete was probably the best part of my meal, but again, it wasn’t that much better than other desserts I’ve tried. All in all, I’d say it’s worth making a trip at a time when the lines are short. But I would I be one of those people waiting for hours in a line that winds around Madison Square Park? Nope.

The Details: Shake Shack | Madison Square Park, SE Corner (plus multiple other locations around NYC) | 212.889.6600

10 thoughts on “Shake Shack-ing It

      1. Make sure to check out Bareburger in NYC. Been to the one on in the village but I think there are a couple if them. Different kinds of meat – beef, buffalo, ostrich, etc. – organic, craft beers, etc.

      2. Yes, Bareburger is on my list! There’s one right by my best friend’s apartment, and she recommended it to me as well!

  1. While I can’t critique as I have never been to Shake Shack, in terms of NYC burgers, I love Island Burger and Shake. A considerably smaller NYC burger joint (I think they only have 2 locations), I still dream about the ‘Princess Grace’ I had. Supposedly, they also have pretty chicken sandwiches as well.

  2. Laura, thanks so much for visiting Shake Shack for the first time. Welcome to the city, neighbor! We’re sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy your first experience, and hope you’ll stop by again soon to give us another shot.

    Enjoy your NYC summer!

    Thanks again,
    Shake Shack

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