Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 76

Much like Ken Cosgrove’s jig, here are some things that are just awesome:

  1. For a stunning display of ’80s and ’90s fashion at its finest, check this out: You Look Like Such a Tourist.
  2. These stories are fascinating (and a great way to waste a lot of time): Childhood in New York.
  3. Some of these are hilarious, and some of these are downright terrifying: Trampoline Fails Compilation.
  4. If you’ve got almost two hours to kill, why not watch ALL The Office bloopers. Like, ever.
  5. A glossary for the new Vampire Weekend album. I still cannot stop listening to “Step.”
  6. Misheard ’90s Song Lyrics. This list is pretty solid, but I can’t believe it doesn’t include the song I always got wrong, Del Amitri’s “Roll to Me” (was I the only one who thought it was “the right time, the wrong me”??)
  7. President Obama’s Prom Photo is basically as amazing as you would imagine it would be.
  8. This is just the best: Fresh Prince Reunion Video. Who has more charisma than Will Smith? Nobody.
  9. Even though I thought the season finale was rather lackluster, I’m still going through major Scandal withdrawals. In celebration, let’s watch an Olivia Pope supercut.
  10. Everything Ron Swanson Has Eaten. Because why not?

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