Travel Flashback: Epidavros & Hydra

For awhile last year, I was posting a look back at past travels every Wednesday. Life got in the way and I stopped doing it, but I figured I’d start back up again. Today’s post is from my graduation trip to Greece in the summer of 2008. You can find the rest of my Greece posts here.

Our trip to Greece concluded with stops in Epidavros and Hydra before returning to Athens and heading home. Epidavros is home to a gigantic ancient Greek theater known for its perfect acoustics. While we were there, we saw a random man sing opera in the middle of the theater as tour groups milled about around him – a very cool moment! The design and size of the theater itself was also quite impressive.




Our time at Epidavros was brief – we mostly just explored the theater for a bit – and we soon headed to the island of Hydra. While I was bummed not to make it to any of the “famous” Greek islands on this trip (particularly Santorini), Hydra was a lovely place to relax for a few days. No cars are allowed on the island, leaving donkeys as the primary method of transportation:


While on the island, we spent almost all of our time relaxing – we wandered around the beach, and we spent many hours hanging out in cafes by the shore, playing cards under big umbrellas. After two weeks of cramming lots of activities into our days, this was the perfect way to unwind!







And with that, our trip to Greece drew to a close. My one biggest takeaway from Greece was that there was so much more to the country than I had ever imagined. Previously, when I thought about Greece, I thought about the ancient wonders in Athens or the idyllic islands like Mykonos and Santorini. But as we toured around, I realized that there was so much more to see, and a richness of culture (and food!) that I hadn’t even realized existed. It will always go down in my mind as one of my very favorite trips, I am sure.

Next up next week – Honduras!

(For more on Greece, be sure to check out my posts on Athens, Delphi, Kalavrita & Dimitsana, Olympia, Kardamyli, Kastania, Gerolimenas, Gythio, & Monemvasia, and Mystras, Mycenae, & Nafplio)

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