Brunch at Sotto 13

sotto 13 - 1

In New York, I’ve often noticed, brunch seems like a religion. While you can get a fine brunch in many cities across the US (and indeed the world, I’d imagine), there’s just something about an NYC brunch. It’s an event, and it’s usually crowded, and it takes hours, and, to do it properly, it requires selecting a spot with bottomless drinks (there is good food, of course, but that’s usually a secondary concern).

For someone who doesn’t live in New York, I like to think I’ve tried a decent amount of brunch spots in the times I’ve visited, but Sotto 13 was possibly the first NYC brunch I actively loved. Our whole experience there was excellent, from the food to the atmosphere, and I would definitely return.

I went to Sotto 13 with several friends from high school. I think it’s pretty awesome that four girls from tiny Oxford, Michigan all wound up in New York (granted, I’m there temporarily, but hopefully on a permanent basis after law school).

sotto 13 - 2

One of my favorite things about Sotto 13 was its ambiance. Case in point: the center of the restaurant includes a giant greenhouse-like window, which lets in lots of natural light to the restaurant. Particularly nice if you happen to be a blogger who wants to take photographs of your food. I’m sure non-bloggers enjoy it too.

sotto 13 - 3

We ordered the Prosecco bar, pictured below. Your waiter will bring you a big pitcher of Prosecco and a tray with lots of mix-ins. The ones that I can remember include candied ginger, raspberries, blackberries, lychee juice, and blood orange juice. It was fun to play around with different drink combinations!

sotto 13 - 4

Because it was bottomless brunch, I also had a raspberry white peach bellini (pictured on the left; my Prosecco creation is on the right):

sotto 13 - 5

And finally, my entree – a pizza with spicy fennel sausage and carmelized onion. This was quite tasty:

sotto 13 - 6

All in all, a very enjoyable Sunday brunch. I highly recommend Sotto 13 and definitely hope to return someday soon!

The Details: Sotto 13 | 140 W 13th St., New York, NY 10011 | 212.647.1001

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