Bouchon Bakery


If you’ve been reading my blog for any amount of time, you probably know I have a fondness for French macarons (see exhibit A, exhibit B, and exhibit C). So naturally, when I discovered there was a bakery a few blocks from my office selling macarons, I was there.

A few Fridays ago, after leaving a fun happy hour at Cock & Bull, I walked to Bouchon Bakery in search of some treats. Bouchon is located right across from Rockefeller Center, making it an area I wouldn’t normally go without a very good reason due to the abundance of crowds. Macarons, of course, are one such very good reason.

Bouchon sells a variety of baked goods, not just macarons, so its macaron selection isn’t as varied as, say, Laduree. But there are a few very tasty flavors; I was particularly impressed by the caramel and pistachio.




Macarons in hand, I walked to my subway stop, pausing to get a shot of this building, which I thought looked particularly beautiful in the near-twilight hour:


And then pausing again when I stumbled on this, the fabled Manhattanhenge:


And at moments like that, you remember what a lovely city this is, tourist hordes at Rockefeller Center and all.

The macarons help too.

The Details: Bouchon Bakery | One Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10020 | 212.782.3890

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