A Visit to Smorgasburg

Whenever I go to Brooklyn and do something cool, I always think of a scene from Sex and the City (bear with me here). Carrie visits Miranda at her new house in Brooklyn, and Steve comes home with pastries from a local bakery for the two of them, and Carrie says, “What a delightful borough!” And that’s the line I think of, whenever I stumble upon something awesome in Brooklyn.

And Smorgasburg? Well that’s definitely something more than a little awesome in Brooklyn. Smorgasburg is essentially a weekly food festival. On Saturdays, it’s held in Williamsburg; on Sundays, you can find it in DUMBO. I visited Smorgasburg on a Saturday, so it was off to Williamsburg I scooted.

I arrived relatively early in the day (not much after 11am), so Smorgasburg wasn’t very crowded yet. I recommend this, as it gave me plenty of time to make a few loops around the stands and scope out what I wanted to try without having to wade through crowds of hungry people. I sampled from several booths and found some really delicious stuff, including…

Maple bacon from Landhaus:


Full disclosure, I don’t even like bacon much (I know that’s weird), but I was intrigued by the delicious-looking hunks of meat at Landhaus, which were thick and juicy and maple-y – quite a far cry from your standard breakfast bacon.

Next up, a slice of margherita pizza from Pizza Moto:



As you can see, Pizza Moto is very generous with their slice sizes. This was oh so yummy (and quite messy).

And next, I visited Lumpia Cafe, whose advertisement for its “Filipino inspired spring rolls” intrigued me.



I ordered the sampler, under the impression that you got three rolls – one of each combination. Nope, you get three of each of the three kinds of rolls (original pork, Peking duck, and truffled adobo mushroom). On a related note, I can also confirm that these make good leftovers…

I thought those items were it for me, but as I was leaving Smorgasburg (and melting in the heat – it was scorching that day), I couldn’t resist trying the shaved ice at People’s Pops.


They have a gigantic block of ice and they shave it right in front of you. Pretty cool:


I ordered the lemon mint and came to the conclusion that shaved ice is pretty much the perfect dessert on an uber-hot day: it’s light and refreshing, but not overly sweet. It’s not, however, very photogenic:


And with shaved ice in hand, I headed back through the streets of Williamsburg and hopped on the L train bound for Manhattan. I know, however, that I will return to Smorgasburg again one day soon – and, in fact, I already know which booths I want to hit next time. Smorgasburg, I love you.

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