Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump (All Around Washington Square Fountain)

I’ve never done one of WordPress’s Daily Prompts before, but when I saw today’s topic (“Photographers, show us JUMP”), I knew I had to participate.

And why did I know I finally had to participate this time around? Well, this past weekend, I took a long, meandering walk from the West Village to the East Village, crossing through Washington Square Park along the way. It was a pretty hot day, so there were possibly even more folks crowded around the park’s fountain than normal. And, most delightfully, there were tons of kids splashing around the fountain:
washington square park
When I snapped the above photograph, I hadn’t even been intending to catch the kids playing; all I wanted was a photo of the fountain spouting water with the archway in the background. It was only later, as I scrolled through my iPhone’s camera roll, that I realized that the kids, in all their glee, were smack dab in the middle of my shot too. The photo makes me smile and, even more than that, it makes me a little bit envious too. If only it were acceptable for me to jump around the fountains of Manhattan with abandon on those particularly sweltering summertime days.

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