Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 80

april ludgateApologies for it being a day later than usual, but here’s this week’s list of things that are awesome:

  1. Oh holy cute: 22 Things Poncho the Pug Is Better at Than You.
  2. Also really cute: Dog Takes Puppy on Journey in Shopping Cart.
  3. Recently, every movie I’ve seen has had amazing trailers before it. For example: The Way Way Back, Stuck in Love, About Time (just DYING to see this), Tiger Eyes, The Wolf of Wall Street (please note Leo dancing at the 1:34 mark), and The Spectacular Now.
  4. Here’s a pretty solid parody of Taylor Swift’s 22. Sidenote: I just realized I’m exactly halfway between 22 and 32, and I’m not sure which version I identify more with. Wait, no, that’s a lie – clearly 32.
  5. This is why April Ludgate is my spirit animal: The 20 Most Relatable April Ludgate Quotes.
  6. It was a big week to be a legal nerd, so it seems appropriate to link to Court Artist now. I find that blog so, so fascinating.
  7. In addition to all the SCOTUS happenings last week, Wendy Davis proved to be pretty awesome herself. You can’t truly comprehend how awesome until you’ve seen this: The Taiwanese Rendering of Last Night’s Filibuster is Perfectly Insane.
  8. I’m reluctantly getting on board with emoji, so…The 10 Best Emojis You Aren’t Using and Should Be.
  9. Harry is rated way too low, and I’m not sure how a freaking dementor made the list, but still: Ranking the 50 Hottest Dudes of the Harry Potter Movies.
  10. Stephen Colbert’s tribute to his late mother is just beautiful.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

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