June in an Instagram

As I looked back over my June Instagrams, one thing became clear: I have been a negligent blogger. There’s so much from the month of June that I haven’t blogged about yet. In my defense, this summer has been crazy busy – with both work and with fun stuff – and I in turn have been so busy enjoying it that blogging has fallen by the wayside. And though it may sound strange to say, I’ve kind of missed blogging. So, hopefully, this marks the start of my return to regular posting. And if not? Don’t blame me, blame New York.

june 1-2

1. Breakfast at Doughnut Plant / 2. Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien

june 3-4

3. Beautiful windowsills in Brooklyn Heights / 4. Along the Brooklyn Promenade

june 5-6

5. I work somewhere up there / 6. Looking up in Columbus Circle

june 7-8

7. The Salty Pimp at Big Gay Ice Cream Shop / 8. The sprinkle cone at Mr. Softee

june 9-10

9. Peeking into Central Park / 10. Looking up at the lovely Flatiron

june 11-12

11. The glorious New York Public Library / 12. A friendly reminder for tourists

june 13-14

13. Looking out onto Citi Field / 14. Cubs v. Mets (the Mets lost, badly)

june 15-16

15. The Credit Suisse skybridge / 16. A magical rainbow in Washington Square Park

june 17-18

17. The streets of Soho are my very favorite / 18. An important question

june 19-20

19. Obsessed with beautiful hydrangeas / 20. Kaiten sushi at East

june 21-22

21. Riding Jane’s Carousel (as all 27-year-olds do) / 22. In line for the carousel

june 23-24

23. Brooklyn Bridge & Manhattan Bridge / 24. Williamsburg Bridge

june 25-26

25. Danger! in Brooklyn / 26. A delicious dinner at Momofuku Ssam

june 27-28

27. The New York Stock Exchange / 28. The Freedom Tower (on the left)

june 29-30

29. Unique flowers on the High Line / 30. Flowers & old railroad tracks

june 31-32

31. Lovely friends on the High Line / 32. The view from the High Line

june 33-34

33. At the Top of the Rock / 34. Gorgeous chandelier at Rockefeller Center

june 35-36

35. Crazy, neon Times Square / 36. Seeing Once on Broadway (again!)

june 37-38

37. Cupcakes at Billy’s Bakery / 38. Wandering the streets of TriBeCa

june 39-40

39. Sixth Avenue Street Fair / 40. I don’t think that was what they had in mind

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