The Brooklyn Heights Promenade

I like New York City an awful lot, but one of the things I don’t love about this city is how crowded and stifling it can feel. Riding the subway during rush hour, waiting for a table at a good restaurant, and wading through the throngs of tourists on my way to work in Midtown – these are all activities guaranteed to bum me out at best and enrage me at worst.

So I always love it when I can visit one of the city’s green, open spaces and get the feeling that there’s actually room to breathe here. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is just one such green, open spot – and I absolutely love it.

To get there from Manhattan, take the 2 or 3 to Clark St. or the N or R to Court St. Then wander through the oh-so-lovely streets of Brooklyn Heights (getting major brownstone envy along the way) until you reach the promenade. You’ll know you’ve made it when you reach the pathway and are greeted with fantastic views of lower Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, and – in the distance – the Statue of Liberty.

I spent a quiet Sunday morning there, walking up and down the promenade, reading, and people watching. And, of course, taking photographs. So here’s a peek at my visit to the lovely Brooklyn Heights Promenade:

brooklyn promenade1

brooklyn promenade2

brooklyn promenade3

After promenading, I walked back through Brooklyn Heights and stopped to snap a few photos of the beautiful streets. I’m obsessed with these brownstones and their cute little window flower boxes.

brooklyn promenade5

brooklyn promenade4

brooklyn promenade6

All in all, it was a lovely Sunday morning. It’s probably obvious by now, but if you haven’t been, I highly recommend a visit!

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