A Ride on Jane’s Carousel

jane's carousel2

If you should visit DUMBO (a neighborhood in Brooklyn; DUMBO stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass), you might see lots of children flocking to Jane’s Carousel, a beautifully restored old carousel right by the river. And if you happened upon DUMBO a few weekends ago, you would have also seen my friends and I joining the kiddos and taking a spin.

Some people might have found it silly for a group of ladies in their mid-twenties (ahem, okay, late twenties) to be hopping aboard the carousel, but it was actually a ton of fun. The carousel itself is just gorgeous – brightly colored and beautifully carved horses abound – and the views that you get while riding it are also pretty sweet (note the views of the Manhattan Bridge in the background of many of my photos). Plus, tickets are only $2.00, which seems downright cheap for anything in NYC. So if you’re looking for a fun diversion while in Brooklyn, I’d recommend a spin around the carousel – whether you’re young, or just young at heart.

jane's carousel3

jane's carousel4

jane's carousel5

jane's carousel6

jane's carousel7

jane's carousel

The Details: Jane’s Carousel | Brooklyn Bridge Park, New York, NY 11201 | 718.222.2502

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