27 for 27: Second Quarter Check

So, we’re half way there (oh, whoa, livin’ on a prayer) (sorry, couldn’t resist). Half way through my 27th year, that is. In the name of continuing to keep accountable, here’s my second quarter check-in for my 27 for 27 list:

1 – Take a cooking class: Incomplete. Does it count that I participated in an Iron Chef-style cooking competition at work? I feel like that should count, but in my heart, I know it does not. In any case, I’m still planning to take a class at Zingerman’s this fall.

2 – Create a Blurb photo book with some of my Instagram photos: Incomplete, but I’m intentionally holding off on this one so I can use photos from my upcoming trip to Ireland and London.

3 – Mail at least one card (or postcard) per month: In progress – I’m on track so far (though I still need to send something for the month of July). Here’s a sampling:


4 – Read 27 new-to-me books: In progress. I’ve read twelve (see here, here, here, and here), which is about two books behind the pace I need to be reading at. I meant to read a lot over the summer, but other fun activities got in the way (story of my life).

5 – Do Project Life: In progress, but I’m way behind since I’ve been in NYC all summer and haven’t gotten any photographs printed in months. I plan to catch back up in the fall.

6 – Learn to knit: Incomplete. I haven’t even thought about doing this one yet; it probably won’t get done until the fall.

7 – Walk at 10,000 steps per day and track it on my FitBit: In progress. I’ve been walking a TON in New York this summer and I’m happy about that.

8 – Visit a cider mill in the fall: Incomplete, but as the task name suggests, I can’t do it until the fall anyway.

9 – Visit grandma’s grave on Mackinac Island: Incomplete, but I’m planning to make a trip with my family over fall break in October.

10 – Take fall photos around campus in Ann Arbor: Incomplete, but again – this is one I obviously can’t do now.

11 – Go to an outdoor movie this summer in NYC: Incomplete, but I’m planning to attend an outdoor screening of Looper on Wednesday.

12 – See a riverdancing show in Ireland: Incomplete, but I have tickets booked so this is definitely happening!

13 – Walk the Highline in NYC: Done, not once, but twice! I feel like I should get extra credit for that. You can read about my first trip here (and a post about my second trip is coming up).


14 – Make spaghetti alla gricia: Incomplete, and I’m wishing it weren’t – I love this meal. And think about it is making me want to go back to Rome.

15 – Cold brew my own coffee: Incomplete. I don’t have my own kitchen this summer, so this will have to wait until I’m back in Ann Arbor.

16 – Eat at Union Woodshop in Clarkston: Done! It was a really tasty meal; you can read about it here.

union woodshop7

17 – Go to a Tiger’s game: Done! I went to a game back in May and you can read all about it right here.


18 – Try 3 DIY beauty masks/home remedies: In progress – one down, two to go. I’ll do a post when I finish all three, but for now, here’s a preview of my first, a citrus body scrub:

homemade body scrub

19 – Eat at Ottolenghi in London: Incomplete, but I have a reservation and will be crossing this one off my list in August!

20 – Come up with a better (non-Pinterest) way to organize the million recipes I have bookmarked: In progress. I think I’ve decided it’s going to be Paprika, but I have to implement my plan (minor detail, right?)

21 – Make paella: Incomplete. And I’m now craving paella in addition to spaghetti alla griccia.

22 – Visit the DIA: Done! Read about my wonderful afternoon at the DIA here.


23 – See The Book of Mormon on Broadway: Done! This show was amazing, and I have a post about it coming up soon.

book of mormon

24 – Go to a Michigan hockey game: Incomplete. This one will have to be done next fall/winter.

25 – Make pizza dough from scratch: Done, many, many times. Here’s my post about my go-to pizza dough recipe.

homemade pizza dough

26 – Watch the Godfather trilogy: Incomplete. I’ve watched the first, but I want to rewatch it and then marathon the other two.

27 – Blog this list, including quarterly progress checks: In progress, obviously!

In summary, that’s 6 completely done, 7 in progress, and 14 incomplete. Overall, I’m behind from where I had hoped to be, BUT I’m cautiously optimistic that I can still get the majority of these done before I turn 28.

(Original list here; first quarter check here)

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