Momofuku Ssam Bar (or, Where David Chang Leads, I Will Follow)


A few weekends ago, I had friends in town. We had a list of places that they wanted to visit and eat at while they were here, and so on Sunday night, we made our way to one of those restaurants – BaoHaus. Except, we got there and realized it wasn’t really a sit down restaurant, and we all wanted to have a nicer meal. So, we passed on BaoHaus and began thinking of other places, which is right about when it occurred to us that we were around the block from Momofuku Ssam. A David Chang restaurant that’s long been on my list of must-try places in NYC? Sold!

So we headed to Ssam and put our name down for a table. We waited about a half hour which, from what I gather, isn’t that long for Ssam (the restaurant doesn’t take reservations and wait times can often be lengthy). We started our meal with pork buns for everyone. If there was one dish I wanted to try at Ssam, it was the pork buns – and they did not disappoint. Very flavorful:


For my main course, I ordered the Roasted Jurgielwicz Duck. There were lots of little garnishes and sauces on the plate; I’m not quite sure what everything was, but I know it all worked in harmony together quite well. This was a tasty entree (though the pork buns definitely take the top honors for the best dish of the night):


I often find that, when I’ve been wanting to go to a hyped restaurant for a long time, it inevitably disappoints me when I finally make it there. But, I can honestly say Ssam did not let me down. And now that I’ve been to two of David Chang’s NYC restaurants (Ssam and Ma Peche), I only have two left to go (Noodle Bar and Ko). Checking them all off is, most definitely, a delicious quest.

The Details: Momofuku Ssam Bar | 207 Second Avenue, New York NY, 10003 | 212.254.3500

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