Top of the Rock

top of the rock1

To state the obvious, the New York City skyline is pretty stunning – and for someone with a blog, it’s impossible to pass up the chance to photograph it in all of its splendor. But where do you find the best views?

Though I’ve made the trip to the top of the Empire State Building in the past, I knew it wasn’t a spot I was keen to revisit this summer (best to avoid the mobs of tourists in the heat). I’d heard lots of people mention Top of the Rock as a nice alternative, so I decided to give that a shot. Plus, it’s only a few blocks from my office, so I figured it would be easy to make an after-work trip. I was also hoping that, at that hour, the crowds would be significantly lessened. The end result? My plan worked perfectly – I headed over around 7pm and breezed right up; there was no line to get on the elevator and the observation decks were relatively uncrowded. It was the perfect time to go.

As has become a common refrain around these parts, I took a million photographs while I was there – but these are just a few of my very favorites:

top of the rock5

top of the rock2

top of the rock3

top of the rock4

Overall, I’d recommend a visit to Top of the Rock. The biggest drawback is the price ($27 for an adult ticket – ouch!), but the views are magnificent. Plus – though I can’t vouch for peak sightseeing hours – if you head there at the right time, it’s a relatively peaceful experience.

The Details: Top of the Rock | 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 | 212.698.2000

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