Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 84


The weekly roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. Amazing: Worst Engagement Photos in the World.
  2. This makes me laugh: Take a Moment and Watch Rahm Emanuel Dance to Blurred Lines (to be fair, though, who doesn’t want to dance to this song?? #THICKE)
  3. Speaking of Blurred Lines, these mashups with Growing Pains and The Cosby Show are, as the article says, perfection. I can’t even.
  4. Annnnnd…yet another Blurred Lines video, this time with the genders swapped.
  5. Can this movie really be 20 years old? And if so…how old does that make me?!? Hocus Pocus Anniversary: 20 Years Later, 10 Things the Cult Classic Gave Us.
  6. I’ve always found Diane Von Furstenberg really inspiring; naturally, then, I love this: Diane Von Furstenberg’s Never-Before-Seen Vintage Wardrobe.
  7. Too cute: 10 Pugs Who Look Like Things. I’m dying to get a dog after I graduate law school, and right now, a pug or a Frenchie are at the top of my wish list.
  8. 24 People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing. I love the expression of the kid in #18 – it’s like he’s saying, “What is my life?!?!”
  9. A while back, I posted a link to this article about the decline of American Girl Dolls. Now, here’s another good one. Seriously, stop messing with my childhood!
  10. This was on Freshly Pressed last week, but I think it’s worth a link here, too: NPR Host’s Live-Tweeting of His Mother’s Last Moments Shows the Power of 140 Characters. When I first saw that headline, I was prepared to be appalled – but it’s actually quite poignant.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

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