Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 88

The weekly(ish) roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. A little bit of Mitten state pride: 27 Reasons the Great Lakes Are Actually the Greatest.
  2. I try not to get too political on here, and I’m honestly not sure what my opinion of the implications of these statistics is, but this is interesting to ponder: Here Is Every Foreign Country That Gets More Federal Aid Than Detroit.
  3. I know I’ve mentioned my love for RBG before, but it continues with this article. Sample quote: “I don’t water-ski anymore,” Justice Ginsburg said. “I haven’t gone horseback riding in four years. I haven’t ruled that out entirely. But water-skiing, those days are over.”
  4. Neat: Uncanny Aerial and Fashion Photography Mashups.
  5. A scary number of these apply to me: 22 Signs You’re Still Addicted to Friends.
  6. This Delia Ephron article has been making the rounds lately and, as it turns out, I love it too: You Can’t Have It All, but You Can Have Cake.
  7. A good article for tennis enthusiasts: Why Do Tennis Players Say “Come On” So Much? (and, I agree that this started with Lleyton Hewitt. How is that even a question??)
  8. Overwhelming and fascinating: Real Time Emoji Use on Twitter.
  9. Pretty sure I need to forward this article to all my uncles, aunts, and grandparents before the next family gathering: 26, Unmarried, and Childless. Money line: “So please, my dear friends, don’t ask me what’s next. Ask me what’s now.”
  10. Even after the awfulness that was season three, I’m still excited for season four of Downton Abbey. I don’t know how to quit you, Downton.

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