Ireland, Day 6: A Hike Along the Scilly Trail and a Peaceful Afternoon in Colorful Kinsale

581 -Kinsale Harbor, Kinsale

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The small town of Kinsale, where we stayed for two nights, was a lovely place to spend a few days in Ireland. While there weren’t many big “to do” items to check off our list in Kinsale, that was actually quite nice – it was the perfect place to stroll around, poke into little shops, eat a good meal, and relax.

We began our second day in town with a walking tour led by Don of Don & Barry’s Historic Stroll. What’s incredible to me is how, even in a smaller place like Kinsale, there’s so much history to uncover. I don’t know, perhaps it’s just the history major/history nerd in me talking here, but that’s pretty awesome in my book.

489 - Walking tour, Kinsale

481 - Walking tour, Kinsale

478 - Walking tour, Kinsale

482 - Walking tour, Kinsale

484 -Walking tour, Kinsale

Next, we headed up to Charles Fort, a star-shaped fort that guards the entrance to Kinsale’s harbor. While we soaked up even more history while touring the fort, the most remarkable thing here was the views. It’s something I have written and will probably write a million times while blogging this trip, but man, Ireland is gorgeous.

492 - Fort Charles, Kinsale

495 -Fort Charles, Kinsale

503 -Fort Charles, Kinsale

528 -Fort Charles, Kinsale

529 -Fort Charles, Kinsale

534 -Fort Charles, Kinsale

From the Fort, we walked the Scilly Trail back into Kinsale. The trail, which takes 30-45 minutes to walk (depending on how many flower photos you take along the way, ahem), is a scenic way to absorb even more gorgeous views, as you’re basically overlooking the harbor the entire way.

536 - Scilly Walk, Kinsale

541 -Scilly Walk, Kinsale

550 -Scilly Walk, Kinsale

552 -Scilly Walk, Kinsale

558 -Scilly Walk, Kinsale

564 -Scilly Walk, Kinsale

Upon our arrival back into town, we headed to The White House for lunch. I had my old standby, fish ‘n chips, for lunch, and we shared a slice of Bailey’s Chocolate Chip Cheesecake for dessert. Bailey’s makes everything delicious, and this cheesecake was no exception – it was one of the best things I ate during this trip.

568 -Lunch at The White House, Kinsale

569 -Lunch at The White House, Kinsale

570 -Lunch at The White House, Kinsale

After lunch, we spent the afternoon relaxing. We sat by the harbor for a while, did a little shopping, and made a quick grocery store run. While in Ireland, we had noticed the Share a Coke campaign, where bottles came labeled with various names on them. Well, at the Kinsale grocery store, we finally found one with my own name on it. I thought that was pretty cool! It’s like they know I have a diet coke addiction and are just tempting me.

590 -Laura diet coke, Kinsale

576 -Kinsale Harbor, Kinsale

588 -Around Kinsale

For dinner, we headed to Crackpots, where we ordered off the “Early Bird” menu. Unlike in the US, where I think of an early bird special as something that runs around 4 or 5pm, the early bird specials in Ireland usually went until 7pm – so you can go out to dinner around 6:30, get a cheaper meal, and not feel like a senior citizen. Win/win!

Anyway…I started with a goat cheese salad (a recurring theme for me in Ireland; to say I was obsessed with goat cheese salads during this trip would be an understatement). For our entrees, my mom opted for salmon while I went with the duck leg. I don’t typically order duck, but I decided to be more adventurous here and it paid off – the dish was delicious! And, to end, I had the brownie with butterscotch sauce.

593 -Dinner at Crackpots, Kinsale

594 -Dinner at Crackpots, Kinsale

595 -Dinner at Crackpots, Kinsale

After dinner, we decided to explore St. Multose church, which was just around the corner from our restaurant. We poked around the cemetery for a while and saw many graves that were labeled as being for victims “of the Lusitania outrage.” As we had learned on our morning walking tour, the ship was torpedoed by a German U-boat near Kinsale in 1915, and many of the victims were brought to Kinsale for burial.

599 -St

601 -St

602 -St

607 -St

And with that, our time in lovely little Kinsale drew to a close. Next up? A visit to a sheep farm and arrival in Dingle, which just might be one of the most charming places on earth.

Practical Information:

  • Charles Fort: Summer Cove, Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland | +353.21.477.2263
  • The White House: Pearse St., Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland | +353.21.477.2125
  • Crackpots: 3 Cork St., Kinsale, Co. Cork, Ireland | +353.21.477.2847

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