September in an Instagram

Rather than taking my usual approach to these monthly Instagram recaps – i.e., throwing a whole pile of pictures at you with no explanation – I thought I’d go into a little more detail this month. So, with that, here are eleven of my favorite Instagrams from the month of September – plus a few little stories to go along with them.


The Law Quad / This photo reminds me of two facts. First, I’m a 3L now; when did that happen?? To slip into a complete cliche, I have no idea where the last two years went, but I’m glad to be getting close to being a JD. Second, we have our beautiful Law Quad back! After undergoing massive renovations last year – and being covered in the scaffolding that comes along with such a project – it’s so nice to see the Quad restored to its former glory.


NeoPapalis Pizza / I had been meaning to try NeoPapalis, a new-ish restaurant on William, for a long time and finally got around to it this month. In my book, traditional Italian pizza – super thin crust, straight from the stone hearth – is the best pizza. I ordered my go-to Pizza Margherita and it was delicious. NeoPapalis, I shall return.


Detroit River Cruise / Last month, I headed to downtown Detroit with a few friends on a Saturday evening. We started with dinner at Andiamo in the RenCen and then continued on to the main event of our night: the “Detroit Princess” River Cruise. The cruise was…an experience, to say the least. The outdated ship features awesomely retro decor and a big dance floor, which provided lots of prime people-watching opportunities. We all agreed that we would never feel the need to board the ship again – but it was a cool experience to have once.


A Weekend at the Lake / Back at the beginning of the month, my family headed to Hamilton Lake for a relaxing weekend (minus the part where we helped my uncle take out his dock, which was more manual labor than I had done in…quite some time). While there, I devoured Philippa Gregory’s Cousins’ War series. If you like historical fiction, or good books in general, I’d highly recommend the entire series.


Ann Arbor Exploration / One of my favorite things to do in Ann Arbor (before it becomes super cold, of course) is just to walk around town. I spend a lot of time sitting and reading law books (and blogs, who are we kidding?!), so it’s always good to stretch my legs and get some fresh air. I snapped this photo of Ann Arbor’s famous graffiti alleyway on one of my walks. I love taking a peek down there when I’m in the area!


Lemon Layer Cake / I have a poor track record with layer cakes, to put it mildly. To put it not so mildly, the last one I made collapsed in on itself in spectacularly messy fashion. Against all odds, I somehow managed to make a layer cake last month that turned out perfectly, if I do say so myself. I used a Martha Stewart recipe for the cake and candied lemons and a Better Homes & Gardens recipe for the frosting. I highly recommend both!


Nerd Pickup Lines / I stopped by the newly renovated Fishbowl (for those non-Michigan students out there, that’s the big computer lab on Central Campus) last week to print some stuff, and I found this sticky note atop one of the printers. You’ve got to love a good cheesy pickup line, right?


Sunset over State Street / I’ve been on a reading kick lately, so I finally acquired something very important – an Ann Arbor library card! My mother, a librarian, is no doubt proud. While walking to the library to pick up a book I had requested (the fantastic My Name is Mary Sutter), I snapped this photo on State Street. The sky was just gorgeous that night!


Tmaz Taqueria Time / Lately, it seems like everyone I know has been eating at Tmaz Taqueria and raving about it – so, of course, I had to give it a try too. I sampled their chipotle chicken, shrimp, and pescado tacos and all were good (though perhaps not as fabulous as I imagined they would be, based on what I’d heard from others). Still, it’s a good cheap eating option in Ann Arbor, and I’ll definitely go back.


Movie Time at the Michigan Theater / I used to go to the movies all the time, but I haven’t been very much at all this year. I did, however, manage to go see Blue Jasmine at the Michigan Theater a few weeks ago. While it’s a pretty depressing film, it’s quite well done (and somebody should start polishing the Best Actress Oscar for Cate Blanchett already). Plus, it’s always great to see a film in a space as beautiful as the Michigan Theater.


Pumpkin in ALL THE THINGS / I’m not quite sure when pumpkin became such a trendy object of obsession (though, if I had to guess, I’d trace it to the advent of Pinterest), but I am fully aboard the pumpkin train. The minute it became remotely autumn-like, I started craving pumpkin and bookmarking pumpkin recipes like a madwoman. I’ve made these cookies before and they do not disappoint. Trust me: you should make them too.

I hope your September was lovely and pumpkin-filled, too. And if you like these, why not follow me on Instagram?

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