London in an Instagram

I mentioned in my last post how sad I was to wrap up my time in Ireland. While that’s totally true, I must admit that the pain was dulled somewhat by the fact that, after Ireland, we made a quick trip to London. It’s impossible to stay too sad when you’re visiting one of the most exciting, vibrant cities in the world.

I have a few London posts to come, but for now, I figured I’d start where I always do: on Instagram. So here’s a peek at my trip to London (and Highclere) in an Instagram:


1. Westminster Abbey / 2. My bestie, Kate Middleton, at the National Portrait Gallery


3. Tea, coffee, and scones at Buckingham / 4. The Buckingham Palace gates


5. Tower Bridge, as seen from the South Bank / 6. Peeking through to St. Paul’s


7. Visiting Highclere Castle (aka Downton Abbey) / 8. Wildflower meadow at Highclere


9. The perfect Pimms Cups / 10. The secret garden at Highclere Castle


11. A nighttime look down the Thames / 12. The London Eye at night


13. Fancy dresses at Kensington Palace / 14. The lovely gardens at Kensington


15. High tea at Fortnum & Mason / 16. The oh-so-delicious pastry tray at Fortnum

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