October in an Instagram

If I had to pick which month is perennially my favorite, October just might be it – after all, it’s the month where fall colors look splendid, where you can put pumpkin in literally anything without judgment, where Michigan football is in full swing, and where the weather hasn’t gotten too chilly yet. If it’s not my absolute favorite time of the year, it’s certainly right up there with the best. So here’s a look back at the glorious month of October, through the lens of my iPhone.


Baking Pumpkin Bread / When I found this recipe for pumpkin swirl bread, it was one of those recipes that I immediately bookmarked and thought, “I am so making this this weekend.” While I generally go with a good old can of pumpkin puree for any recipe that calls for pumpkin, it was fun to work with an actual pumpkin this time around (and the pie pumpkins from Trader Joe’s are so cute!) While my pumpkin bread itself didn’t turn out very photogenic – hence the reason it’s not pictured here – the flavors were really good and that’s the most important thing, right?


Lunch at Frita Batidos / I haven’t done an Ann Arbor restaurant post in quite some time, and there are a few reasons for that – one of which is that I just can’t help but going back to my old favorites again and again, leaving me with nothing new to write about. Frita Batidos is one of those favorites for me; the food there is consistently excellent. While I tend to think the restaurant is a bit expensive for what you get, I can’t argue with the deliciousness, and I know I’ll be back sooner rather than later.


Autumn Walks / I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that I love taking walks around Ann Arbor to clear my head after a long day of sitting in class or at my desk reading. These walks are always the best in the fall because campus looks so lovely as the leaves change color. The above photo was taken on one of my very rainy walks, but the fall foliage was so splendid that I almost didn’t mind getting wet.


Tea at the Townsend / My latest obsession is high tea, which naturally led me to Google “high tea in Michigan,” which in turn led me to the Townsend Hotel in Birmingham. I’ll do a full post about tea at the Townsend in the future, but for now I will say that it was a lovely experience. The raspberry tea was so tasty, and the crazy Instagrammer in me was delighted that it was such an eminently photogenic shade of pink.


Throwback Thursday / This one is a bit of a cheat because I didn’t take it with my iPhone (obviously, since it’s ancient), but I did Instagram it, which was good enough in my book. I don’t usually participate in #tbt on Instagram, but as Halloween fell on a Thursday this year, I felt it was only appropriate to dig up an old Halloween photo of myself. So here I am, in all my Crayola glory, on my very first Halloween.


Fall Foliage / This picture was taking out the window of a car while driving through Northern Michigan (to clarify, I was not driving – safety first, kids). I was trying to read a book during the drive, but I kept getting distracted by the views out my window. And with scenery like this, how could you not?!


Mackinac Island Fudge / I visited Mackinac Island over fall break (another thing that I’ll be writing about soon) (I am so behind). While on the Island, there are several things you must do, but most important among them is sampling Mackinac Island fudge – it’s the best in the world, in my completely biased opinion. We tried three flavors – pumpkin, chocolate Butterfinger, and penuche (brown sugar). They were all delicious.


A “Pure Michigan” Sunset / While on Mackinac Island, I woke up one morning, looked out my window, and saw the sun rising over the water. I immediately grabbed my camera and iPhone and ran down to the beach – who really needs to do your hair or wear makeup to go out in public?!? – to capture this sunrise. Of all the photos I’ve ever taken, this is the one that most screams “Pure Michigan” to me.


Tea at the Grand Hotel / Yep, you have counted correctly – I went to two high teas in the month of October. In addition to the one at the Townsend in Birmingham, I also had tea at the swanky Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. The Grand serves afternoon tea in their gorgeous lobby and it includes champagne, which is always a plus in my book.


My Puppy / This is my dog, Baxter. He is clearly the cutest dog in the world. End of story.

And if you’d like to see even more pictures of my adorable dog, my unwavering tea obsession, or my autumnal Ann Arbor walks, why not follow me on Instagram?

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