Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 95

The weekly roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. This Map Showing What Each Country Leads the World in Is Really Quite Cool. Agreed.
  2. Note the excellent use of the phrase “autumnal yum”: Gwyneth Paltrow’s Most Obnoxious Food Quotes. Confession: I actually kinda love Gwynnie, despite the fact that she’s possibly the most out-of-touch-with-reality person on planet earth.
  3. Nerdy but fascinating: Putting Time in Perspective.
  4. As a survivor of three years of near-constant business travel, I wholeheartedly endorse the accuracy of this: Business Travel: Expectation vs. Reality.
  5. This Badass Portrait of the Four Female Supreme Court Justices Was Just Unveiled. Love it.
  6. Two very different takes on Disney princesses: Artist Shows What Disney Princesses’ Happily-Ever-After Really Looks Like and Artist Puts Disney Princess Filter on 10 Real-Life Role Models.
  7. Oddly interesting: A Chart of the Most-Mentioned Brands in Jay-Z’s Songs.
  8. The 50 Most ’90s Things That Have Ever Happened. Regarding #4 – how have I never seen this picture before?!?! Regarding #25 – man, has Daniel Craig come a long way.
  9. Jimmy Kimmel’s annual torturing of children is 1 part cruel, 1 part hilarious: I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Candy.
  10. Nick Offerman’s Movember 2013 promo is as awesome as you would expect.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

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