Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 97

The weekly roundup of internet fabulosity:

  1. If Chandler Bing watched this video, he would probably say, “Tom Hiddleston, could you BE any more adorable?” (Answer: No)
  2. All hail the Michigan Accent. For a few of these, I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Michigander talk like that, but for most, I was nodding along in agreement.
  3. The Friends Thanksgiving episodes are legendary (in my pop culture universe, at least), so of course I think this is great: 23 Greatest Thanksgiving Moments from Friends. More turkey, Mr. Chandler?
  4. Incredibly on point: Aziz Ansari Just Compared Spoiled Youth to World’s Most Hated Font, Comic Sans.
  5. If you were a Michigan undergrad, you will understand why this article is fabulous: ‘Til Rick’s Do Us Part: A Drunk History of Rick’s American Cafe.
  6. This pretty much encapsulates middle school for me: Revisiting Now That’s What I Call Music! Vol. 1. I had totally forgotten about All Saints. Man, I loved that song.
  7. I meant to post this weeks ago, back when it was making the rounds of Facebook, but it’s still highly relevant: How Did It Get to Be Okay for People to Be Late for Everything? Habitually late people drive me insane – so rude!
  8. This is adorable: Couple Performs Dirty Dancing Scene at Wedding. They even did the lift! Sidenote: I went through a period in middle school where I literally watched Dirty Dancing every single day. So good.
  9. So much cheesy, tacky awesomeness here: The Ultimate Guide to Saved by the Bell Fashion.
  10. As a girl who reads quite a lot, I love this: Girls Who Read.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

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