Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 98

Turkey DayThe weekly roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. Love this so much: This Awesome Ad, Set to the Beastie Boys, Is How to Get Girls to Become Engineers.
  2. There’s some amazing a capella right here: Florida State University AcaBelles Perform Royals.
  3. Pretty sure we all know at least one of these people: Instagram and the Female Douchebag.
  4. Random but interesting: The Type of Wine You Are Based on Your Myers Briggs Profile. For what it’s worth, I’m apparently Pinot Grigio.
  5. Not going to lie; I wept while watching this: Bride’s Special Dance.
  6. For any Friends fans out there, this will be fascinating: How Friends Decided to Pair Off Monica and Chandler.
  7. A pretty accurate pie chart: What’s In Our Suitcase?
  8. Almost too awkward to watch: Hipsters Posing for Videos When They Think They Are Posing for Photos.
  9. I kind of want to do this to my parents, but I’m also pretty sure they’re reading this, so I guess that ship has sailed: What Happens If You Text Your Parents Pretending to Be a Drug Dealer. (“I’m so dissatisfied with what you’re turning out to be.”)
  10. I die: Toddler Naps with His 2-Month-Old Puppy Every Day.

(Image via Someecards)

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