Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 103

Start your 2014 off right by wasting your time on the internet, courtesy of this week’s link roundup:

  1. As an Instagram-obsessed individual (and undergrad history major), I love this website that combines History and Instagrams: Histagrams.
  2. Here is my most recent internet rabbit hole: I stumbled upon this lovely quotation from Johnny Cash. Then I did some digging and realized it was said in response to Vanity Fair‘s Proust Questionnaire. Then I remembered that the Proust Questionnaire is easily the best part of any given issue of Vanity Fair and found a whole archive of responses to it. And then I cried and realized I had just wasted two hours of time that I should have been studying for finals.
  3. As a big fan of the Red Wings during their mid to late ’90s heyday (along with pretty much everyone else in Michigan, to be honest), these pictures from the Red Wings Alumni Practice and from the Alumni Game make me smile. So many old favorites!
  4. On the off chance you didn’t realize Benedict Cumberbatch was awesome: 37 Times in 2013 Benedict Cumberbatch Proved He Was King of the Internet.
  5. My sister told me about this and it instantly shot to the top of my list of most amazing things ever: Josh Hutcherson Showed up to a Basketball Game and the Crowd Gave Him the Mockingjay Salute.
  6. Agree completely: I’m Still Not Over…How Ginny Was Mangled in the Harry Potter Films.
  7. Kind of asshole-ish, but still funny: The Perfect Solution to Obnoxiously Loud Public Cellphone Conversations.
  8. If you have 23 minutes of your life to waste: I Can’t Stop Watching the Best Vines of 2013.
  9. I really, really, really wish I could’ve seen Spring Awakening on Broadway with the original cast (I saw it in Chicago, but that’s just not the same). In the alternative, I’ll settle for watching this cast reunion video.
  10. I love French snarkiness: French Cafe Starts Charging Extra to Rude Customers.

(Image via Buzzfeed)

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