Lucerne: The Magic and Murals of Old Town

The postcard image of Lucerne would probably be of its bridges spanning the Reuss River, with colorful buildings flanking the water on either side. And while the river area was indeed a highlight of my time in Lucerne, I think what I enjoyed the most was exploring the Old Town area, the tiny streets tucked away just beyond the river.

Old Town Lucerne is filled with cobblestone lanes, cute little squares, and tons of colorful mural paintings. As I wound my way through this part of Lucerne, I found myself most wowed not by the little landmarks scattered throughout the streets, but rather by the general atmosphere: it was utterly charming, and with lots of people out and about on a Saturday afternoon, it was also lively and vibrant. I found myself taking photograph after photograph of the colorful building facades and murals; around every corner, there seemed to be something I wanted to capture with my camera.

Old Town Lucerne1

Old Town Lucerne2

Old Town Lucerne3

Old Town Lucerne4

Old Town Lucerne5

Old Town Lucerne6

Old Town Lucerne8

Old Town Lucerne7

Old Town Lucerne10

Old Town Lucerne11

Old Town Lucerne9

If you’re visiting Lucerne, my advice would be to block off at least a few hours to wander around Old Town. While there are plenty of shops and restaurants scattered around those cobblestone lanes, you don’t have to spend money or even have a specific sight on your agenda to enjoy it. Rather, a simple stroll can be a delight.

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