Nice: Place Massena from Dawn to Dusk

Place Massena, surrounded by pastel-colored buildings and sporting a black and white checker pattern on the ground, feels like the beating heart of Nice. During my time in the city, I passed through the square countless times – and every time, I had to marvel at the atmosphere of the place. In early the morning, the square was quiet but majestic, the buildings almost blindingly bright in the Riviera sunshine.

In the evening, however, Place Massena transforms into something even more vibrant. The square buzzes with activity, from children running around with cotton candy from the nearby carnival to teenagers loitering in the plaza to elderly French grandparents out for their evening stroll. The creepy floating men statues sit perched above the square and the lights from the ferris wheel twinkle in the fading sky. The area becomes more overwhelming at night, with crowds of tourists and locals filling the benches, but it becomes more magical, too.

From dawn to dusk, morning to night, Place Massena was a highlight of my time in Nice. And the fact that you can easily acquire a Nutella crepe while there? Well, that’s just the icing on the cake.

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