Nice: Of Tiny Lanes and Bustling Markets in the Vieux Nice

While I loved Nice’s waterfront and passed through bustling Place Massena again and again, when it comes time to pick my very favorite part of the city, my heart truly belongs to Vieux Nice, the old town area. Vieux Nice is filled with narrow cobblestone streets, colorful buildings, and heaps of charm; I could have wandered around there forever.

My fascination with Vieux Nice began with Cours Saleya, a wide street that hosts a market each morning. The market has two sections: in the western half, flowers; in the eastern half, food. While the food section was fascinating, it was the flower portion that truly captivated me. And it wasn’t necessarily that there was a particularly large or unique selection of flowers; mostly, it’s because I’ve never met a flower I didn’t want to photograph and the market came with a variety of lovely photo subjects.

Besides spending a lot of time at the market, my other highlight in Vieux Nice was wandering around the tiny, winding back streets. There weren’t many landmarks to speak of – though the St. Reparate Cathedral was worth peeking into – but rather just lots of atmosphere to soak up. Think buildings drenched in warm hues and streets so narrow you’d be hard-pressed to fit a single car down them.

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Looking back on my weekend in the Riviera, Nice ended up being much more wonderful than I ever bargained for. And while there were lots of highlights to celebrate there, what I will remember most fondly will be the streets of Vieux Nice.

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