Switzerland: A Train with a View

I’ve never been one for napping on planes; I simply can never manage to get comfortable enough to do it. But napping on trains? I’m totally on board with that situation…or at least I was, until I came to Switzerland for the semester.

Because here’s the thing about train travel in Switzerland: you pass a lot of ridiculously beautiful things. Snow covered mountains, lush fields of green, and lakes with sparkling, crystal-clear water are just three of the reasons why it would be a real shame to nap on a Swiss train. And for me, looking out the train window never quite gets old; for example, I’ve made the trip east around Lake Geneva on several occasions, but the views of the lake get me every. Single. Time.

All this beauty begs to be photographed, of course. And while my trusty iPhone can never fully capture the gorgeousness that my eyes see on every trip, I’ve accumulated a collection of Swiss train photographs that I really love. Here are a few favorites:

From Geneva to Montreux:

From Geneva to Gruyere:

From Lauterbrunnen to Kleine Scheidegg:

From Gruyere to Geneva:

From Geneva to Gruyere:

From Interlaken to Basel:

From Geneva to Lucerne:

See what I mean? It would be a crime to sleep through any of that.

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