Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 109


The weekly roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. A nun auditioned for the Italian version of The Voice and it was incredible.
  2. Accurate: Why 27 Is the Weirdest Age.
  3. As a long-time Vogue subscriber, I will pinpoint the Kim Kardashian cover as the moment the magazine officially jumped the shark. Naturally, then, I love other celebrities mocking it.
  4. Sometimes I want to stay in Europe forever and other times I see things like this and remember that moving to NYC this fall is going to be pretty damn cool too: Stroll Across the Brooklyn Bridge in 1,177 Photos.
  5. My new favorite funny video by a mile: House of Thrones (“Stamper, no!”)
  6. Beautifully done: 11 Maps of Countries and Continents Made from Their Iconic Foods.
  7. Will I ever get tired of Mean Girls compilations? (Clearly, that’s a rhetorical question). Here are 25 Life & Style Lessons from Mean Girls.
  8. Similarly, will I ever get tired of Arrested Development compilations? Here are 63 Family Values Arrested Development Taught You.
  9. Adorable: Firefighters Sing “Let It Go” to Calm Girl Stuck in Elevator.
  10. In which Gwyneth announces her divorce in the GOOP-iest way possible: WTF Is Conscious Uncoupling?

(Image via Never Under-Dressed)

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