Gruyeres: The Climb to the Chateau

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Fun fact about me: whenever I climb up something – a steep staircase, a tall hill, whatever the case may be – I always think about that stupid Miley Cyrus song.1 It doesn’t matter where I’m at, or who I’m with, or what I’m doing at the moment; inevitably, I find myself with those lyrics – inane though they may be – floating around my head on repeat.

And so it was in Gruyeres, where, after visiting the cheese factory, I embarked upon a little climb, humming Miley along the way. Gruyeres proper is located on a hill above where the cheesy magic happens, and I wanted to visit its chateau. Though you can get to town via bus, I looked at the schedule and realized one was not coming for a while. Being completely impatient, I figured I might as well hike. It was just 15 minutes, I had heard – how bad could it be?

Despite what that question may lead you to believe, I’m being overly dramatic, as the climb was not that bad at all. Sure, sure, there was a point near the top where it got a little steep and I was over it, but that feeling faded once I walked into town and saw how quaint and lovely it was. It disappeared entirely once I made my way to the Chateau and took in the beautiful views from its terraces.

Not only is the Chateau an excellent vantage point for countryside views, the Chateau itself is well worth a visit. I had been to the famed Chateau de Chillon the prior weekend, but I found myself much more enamored with the Chateau de Gruyeres; its interiors were more well-appointed interior than the bare-bones Chillon.

And so, Gruyeres serves as yet another example of one thing I remember every time I travel around Europe: whenever you have the opportunity, you should pull a Miley and make the climb. It’s always worth it.

1 By stupid, I clearly mean, that song I have in my iTunes library and not-so-secretly (anymore, at least) love.

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