Amsterdam: The Delights of the Floating Flower Market

I, like most people probably are, am a creature of habit. I order the same dishes at my favorite restaurants, I follow the same routine every morning, and I’m guilty of listening to certain songs on repeat until I become sick of them. It’s no surprise, then, that I fall into predictable patterns while traveling.

Among my classic travel moves, I count the following: taking pleasure in lingering for a looooong time in art museums, eating gelato on the theory that “I’ve walked a lot today,” buying postcards I never get around to sending, and signing up for food tours in most every city I visit. And here’s another big one: taking pictures of flowers, everywhere I go.

If you looked through every travel picture I have taken over the last decade, I would be willing to bet that my number one most-photographed subject would be flowers. It only made sense, then, that visiting the Bloemenmarkt, or flower market, was high on my to-do list while in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam’s floating flower market, located on the Singel canal, is a feast for the eyes. Above all, it’s home to tulips in every shade imaginable, just as one would expect in Holland. It also has a variety of other plants and flowers, plus gardening supplies, kitschy gifts, and a healthy helping of tourists.

I wasn’t in the market for any tulip bulbs on this trip, but that didn’t mean I didn’t thoroughly enjoy browsing the market. It’s a beautiful, lively place, and as far as I’m concerned, a can’t-miss for any trip to Amsterdam – even if you’re not quite as obsessed with flowers as I am.



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