Paris: In Search of Beauty on Rue Crémieux

Here’s a travel confession: sometimes I will see a photograph of a place, on Pinterest or a blog or anywhere, really, and I will think to myself: that’s beautiful. I want to go to there.

And that’s all it takes: a glimpse of something pretty. It doesn’t matter if there’s anything to do there, it doesn’t matter the history of the place, and it doesn’t matter how far away it may be. Sometimes, just the promise of something beautiful is enough to make me set out in search of a particular location.

Such was the case with Rue Crémieux, a lovely little street tucked away in Paris’s 12th arrondissement. I saw pictures of the street a few weeks before my visit to Paris and immediately knew I wanted to stop by, lured by the promise of the rare colorful street hidden amongst Paris’s gray and tan boulevards.

And, indeed, it was kind of cool to turn the corner to Rue Crémieux and find myself in a spot that felt like another world entirely from Paris. Not only that, but Rue Crémieux is near Gare de Lyon, and I loved the fact that there was something this pretty so close by, as I generally expect anything in the immediate vicinity of a train station to be gritty and rundown. Rue Crémieux, then, felt like a wonderful little surprise.

What did I do there, you might wonder? Not much, save walking up and down the street, snapping photographs, and getting a couple curious glances from the French moving men unloading boxes at one of the street’s brightly-hued houses. Some people might find that strange, I suppose. After all, what was the point?

Beauty, I guess.

Isn’t that enough?

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