Bruges: Canalside Charm

Bruges is one of those places I knew I would love before I even set one Sperry-clad foot in town. I knew I would love the canals, I knew I would love the chocolate and the beer and the waffles, and I knew I would love the windmills – in short, I knew I would love it all. To invoke my all-time favorite movie, I simply knew. I knew the way you know about a good melon.


Even so, it surprised me just how much I truly loved Bruges. Save Budapest, there was perhaps no city I enjoyed more this semester. There were many reasons to savor Bruges, but one of the major ones was simply that the city was so darn pretty. From the cobblestone streets to the colorful, triangle-roofed houses lining Grote Markt to the canals that wind their way through town, everything seemed straight out of a postcard.


There was plenty to do and plenty to eat – and more on both of those things later – but it was also a lovely city to simply stroll in without any agenda or specific destination in mind. The canals – tree-lined, with ducks and swans waddling along their riverbanks – were charming and romantic. And when I walked a few blocks away from the center of town, the streets became virtually tourist-free, but no less adorable with their colorful facades, textured bricks, and cobblestone lanes.


















As is probably obvious from the excessive amount of photos here, I thought Bruges was insanely gorgeous and couldn’t resist taking as many snapshots as possible. But in a city so picturesque, can you blame me?



5 thoughts on “Bruges: Canalside Charm

  1. Laura, given the pretty wisteria I see adorning one of the storefronts, it looks like you strolled Bruges’ streets at an especially-pretty time of year. My defining experiences in Bruges were a canal ride when I visited there with my mother, and a picnic in the park when I returned with my husband. Cue the fantastic Belgian waffles too! I think those made appearances during both visits. πŸ™‚

    1. Sigh, those are definitely all the Bruges classics! And I think you’re right; I was there at a particularly lovely time of the year – though I have a hard time believing that you can find a time of the year when the city is not lovely πŸ™‚

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