Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 125

The weekly roundup of internet awesome:

  1. Hah: How You Eat on Instagram Vs. How You Eat in Real Life.
  2. For sure: Real Life Disney Princes Would Be Horrible People.
  3. Well done: Kate Davis Covers “All About That Bass” with an Actual Bass.
  4. 73 Questions with Anna Wintour. This is great – and all the other entries in the Vogue interview series are delightful too (see: Sarah Jessica Parker, Olivia Munn, Blake Lively, and Daniel Radcliffe).
  5. “Williams is underloved because, at times, she has been unlovable and, in the end, mostly unrepentant about it—something that might be admired as iconoclastic in a male athlete, but rarely endears women to a wide audience.” This is an interesting read: Serena Williams Is America’s Greatest Athlete.
  6. Love her: J.K. Rowling Had the Perfect Response to a Homophobic Troll on Twitter.
  7. Some inspiration for when it comes time to name the Wi-Fi network at my next place: 50 Funny Wi-Fi Names That Will Make Your Neighbors Smile.
  8. Some clever marketing right here: Amy Dunne of “Gone Girl” Has a Creepy Pinterest Account.
  9. Awww: Little Boy Gives Unknown Girl Foul Ball During Red Sox Game.
  10. I want to plan a trip to the UK and just visit all of these: 21 Absolutely Charming Tea Rooms You Have to Visit Before You Die.

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