Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 131

The sorta-weekly-ish roundup of internet finds:

  1. Always good: Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #8.
  2. I’m a Parenthood fan, but the final season has been a little (er, a lot) disappointing, and this is a good summation of why: What Happened? Why Is Every Character on Parenthood the Worst Now?
  3. Even though Thanksgiving is already over, I may mentally file this idea away for future years: FRIENDSgiving (“Rachel wasn’t supposed to put beef in the trifle!”)
  4. Another thing to file away for next Thanksgiving: The United States of Thanksgiving.
  5. Anything that involves Anderson Cooper giggling is a good thing: Anderson Cooper Had No Idea His Ridiculist Was About Him.
  6. I’m seeing Straight No Chaser perform live this week, and I have naturally been listening to Text Me Merry Christmas on repeat in preparation.
  7. Fantastic: Tinder Guys Unknowingly Answer Carrie’s Questions from Sex and the City.
  8. Heh: We Are All This Golden Retriever Spectacularly Bombing an Agility Test.
  9. This is all so true, but MAN do I love this movie anyway: Love Actually Honest Trailer.
  10. I thought Interstellar was only average as a movie, but this is interesting: Interstellar Reading List: What’s on the Movie’s Big Bookshelf?

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