Exploring the High Line Expansion

High Line8

I’ve written about the High Line, New York’s old elevated-rail-line-turned-public-park, a few times before (see here and here), but since it has recently added a third section, I figured another visit – not to mention another blog post – was in order. The new phase of the High Line runs from 30th to 34th streets, looping around the West Side Yard along the way.

Early on a Saturday morning – or, early by NYC weekend standards (9am-ish) – I set out for the 34th Street entrance to the High Line. What I noticed right away about the third phase is how different it felt from other sections of the park. It’s much more industrial and urban: it surrounds a rail yard, incorporates railroad tracks into its pathways, and has views over the Hudson to glamorous New Jersey. It’s not as pretty as the other sections of the High Line, but what’s cool about it is that it feels more like a part of the city. It’s less idyllic and peaceful and more real.

High Line11

High Line12

The new section of the park is relatively short, so I could not resist continuing on to the older, more-familiar-to-me phases. There are some places that I doubt I’ll ever tire of visiting (not to mention photographing), and the High Line has to be one of them. There are lots of reasons why I feel lucky to live in New York now, but getting to stop by the High Line whenever I feel like it has to be one of the greatest.

High Line13

High Line14

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