November in New York: A Few Favorites

One thing I’d like to start doing is posting monthly recaps – little collections of all the things I’ve seen, done, and eaten that month. Now that I’m living in New York, I would love to have a fun record of my time in this city, and this seems like a good way to do just that. And so, here are a few of the best things I did this past month.

November flew by in a blur – my days were filled with establishing a new routine with a new job in a new city, working lots of late nights, and trying to make my apartment feel a bit more homey. It went by in such a blur that, here we are, well into December, and I’m only now getting the chance to write about it.

Despite the fact that the month was packed with more than a few work and household-related chores, I’m a bit surprised at how much other good stuff I managed to fit into November as well. Scrolling through my camera roll, it’s clear to me that my first November in New York treated me just fine after all.

November was filled with more than a few getting to know “my” neighborhood (the lovely Upper West Side) strolls. This meant lots of visits to Central Park:

Central Park

And lots of wandering around the oh-so-charming UWS streets, my iPhone camera constantly at the ready and my heart filled to the brim with brownstone-envy:

I work in midtown, so I also logged plenty of hours there this month, from braving the rain in search of coffee (Gregory’s, please):

To wandering past Radio City and getting excited about the first signs of holiday decor:

To taking a Paint Nite class:

Paint Nite

Elsewhere, I fought through crowds at the New York Festival of Light in DUMBO:

And over Thanksgiving, I enjoyed a jam-packed weekend with my family, from seeing Les Mis on Broadway (my second time seeing it this year – the first being in London):

To visiting the 9/11 Museum (an extremely powerful experience):

To making our way through Washington Square Park to work off a few of those Thanksgiving dinner calories:

Speaking of food, November was a good eating month, too. The aforementioned Thanksgiving dinner was at Rosemary’s, an adorable West Village spot that I now count among my favorites in the city:


I also had a fancy afternoon tea at the Plaza, which was already decked out for Christmas:

I stopped by the Meatball Shop, where I had a delicious meatball sandwich but was surprised to discover that my favorite part of the menu wasn’t even the meatballs at all – it was the ice cream sandwiches. My mom and I split one with mint ice cream, while my sister and did split one with brown butter ice cream. They were To. Die. For.

I also tried the famous black and white cookies at Amy’s Bread. I’d never eaten a black and white cookie before, so why not start with the version that’s consistently dubbed one of the best in New York?

Closer to home, I stopped by the UWS branch of the Shake Shack, which mercifully has shorter lines than some of its other sister branches. I still think it’s slightly overrated, but the food becomes much tastier when you don’t have to wait forever to get it:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

And finally, I popped into Jacob’s Pickles, an Upper West Side favorite (seriously, in the span of just a few days, no fewer than three different people recommended I eat there). My chicken and pickle sandwich was delicious (that biscuit though!), and I’m sure I will be back many times in the future.

And with that, my first full month in New York came to a delicious close. What was the highlight of your November?

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