I Recall Central Park in Fall

Here we are, well into December and I’m writing a post about autumn. The truth is, despite my tardiness, I really wanted to blog about Central Park in fall, current season be damned. It seems cliché at this point to be incredibly excited about fall – changing colors! Pumpkin spice lattes! Cozy sweaters! – but I can’t help but find myself waxing rhapsodic about it too, right alongside everyone else on Instagram. And the number one object of my autumnal affection this year? Central Park, of course.

Central Park20

Central Park18

Central Park11

Central Park7

Central Park23

I had lots of reasons for choosing the Upper West Side to live, but Central Park was honestly one factor that didn’t occur to me as I made my decision. The first night I arrived in New York, though, it hit me: Central Park was just a few minutes from my doorstop, a quick two block journey east. Near daily walks to the park became a thing for me this autumn and, let me tell you, living so close to the park has been fantastic. It often seems like down just about every pathway – and there are a lot of them – I can find explosions of fall colors to admire.

Central Park19

Central Park4

Central Park6

Central Park2

Central Park10

Central Park22

Before I became a permanent resident, I always found Central Park intimidating to navigate, a maze of poorly-marked pathways down which I always seemed to be making wrong turns. These past few months, however, the Park has become a close friend: the pathways now feel familiar, and I’ve figured out which little landmarks to look for as I meander through. It’s a gigantic space, but suddenly, it seems a bit cozier to me, a bit more like home.

Central Park17

Central Park12

Central Park1

Central Park21

I’m sure I will find things to love about Central Park in every season – paths covered with freshly fallen snow in the winter, bright blossoms on the trees in spring, and the perfect picnic spots in summer. But fall? I have a sneaking suspicion that I will always love that Central Park season most of all.

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