Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 133

Happy 2015! Start your year off with some awesome (and a wild rumpus, if you’d like):

  1. Some true gems here: 51 of the Most Beautiful Sentences in Literature.
  2. So talented: Forget You – 25 Celebrity Impressions by Christina Bianco.
  3. I think I just might try this: 2015 Reading Challenge.
  4. An important compendium: Everything J.K. Rowling Revealed About Harry Potter in 2014.
  5. Awww: The Story Behind Last Night’s Closing Song on the Colbert Report Is Heartbreaking.
  6. Dying: 19 Times “Family Feud” Contestants Spoke the Damn Truth.
  7. Of course she does: Ruth Bader Ginsburg Owns a Surprisingly Large Number of “Notorious RBG” Shirts.
  8. Yessss: President Obama Called on Women Reporters for All Eight Questions at His Press Conference.
  9. Marcel the Shell stuff will never, ever get old: Jenny Slate Sings Landslide as Marcel the Shell.
  10. Can’t wait for it to return: Parks and Recreation Cast Explains the Entire Show in 30 Seconds.

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