Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 135

The weekly roundup of internet awesome:

  1. Straight up evil genius: Ship Your Enemies Glitter.
  2. I finally saw Moonrise Kingdom last weekend, so this article caught my eye: How Wes Anderson’s Cinematographer Shot These 9 Great Scenes.
  3. Well, my mind is blown: The Central Perk Couch on Friends Was Always Unoccupied for a Reason You Never Noticed.
  4. YES: If Hermione Were the Main Character in Harry Potter.
  5. And in more Harry Potter news: A Boyhood and Harry Potter Mashup 12 Years in the Making.
  6. I love it any time the West Wing cast reunites: Big Block of Cheese Day Is Back.
  7. Hah: Differences Between the Ages 34, 24, and 14.
  8. File this under “not at all surprising”: Buckeyes Misspell Ohio During Pregrame Entrance.
  9. Fascinating: Detroit by Air.
  10. Agree or disagree? Personally, I’m not so sure Jean Ralphio should be number one: These Are the 25 Best Minor Characters on Parks and Recreation. In other news: I don’t want this show to end.

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