Among the Orchids at NYBG

NYBG Orchid Show

As soon as I heard about The Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden, I knew I had to go. Photographs from the exhibit looked exquisite: chandeliers of orchids, in a variety of vibrant colors, dangling from the ceilings. Having never met a flower I didn’t want to photograph (exhibit A), it was clear this was a must-visit.

NYBG Orchid Show1

NYBG Orchid Show29

NYBG Orchid Show39

NYBG Orchid Show41

NYBG Orchid Show18

I made my way up to the Bronx on a MetroNorth train from Grand Central (the train stops right at the garden, making it a pretty convenient option). It rained all day on Saturday, but being tucked away with the orchids inside the Haupt Conservatory, I didn’t much mind. Plus, anything that dissuades crowds from showing up somewhere is a winner in my book.

NYBG Orchid Show16

NYBG Orchid Show13

NYBG Orchid Show38

NYBG Orchid Show7

NYBG Orchid Show3

Once inside the conservatory, the magic began. The exhibit is huge, winding its way through the entirety of the conservatory. I tend to think of orchids as purple or pink, but there were more varieties here on display here than I could have imagined. Signs throughout the exhibit were incredibly informative but, to be honest, I didn’t spend much time poring over them: I was more content to wander and soak all the beauty in.

NYBG Orchid Show42

NYBG Orchid Show37

NYBG Orchid Show9

NYBG Orchid Show34

NYBG Orchid Show19

As is evident from this post, I took a tremendous amount of photos at the exhibit; in fact, the pictures posted here are only a fraction of what is on my camera roll. This was truly one of the most impressive flower displays I have ever seen.

NYBG Orchid Show8

NYBG Orchid Show31

NYBG Orchid Show4

NYBG Orchid Show14

NYBG Orchid Show20

NYBG Orchid Show23

NYBG Orchid Show21

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

NYBG Orchid Show33

NYBG Orchid Show47

NYBG Orchid Show24

NYBG Orchid Show5

NYBG Orchid Show6

NYBG Orchid Show22

NYBG Orchid Show12

NYBG Orchid Show36

NYBG Orchid Show11

NYBG Orchid Show15

NYBG Orchid Show46

NYBG Orchid Show43

NYBG Orchid Show30

NYBG Orchid Show40

NYBG Orchid Show26

NYBG Orchid Show35

NYBG Orchid Show23

NYBG Orchid Show25

NYBG Orchid Show27

The Orchid Show runs through April 19 at NYBG. I highly recommend making a trip before the exhibit closes!

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