Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 142

The weekly roundup of internet finds:

  1. All the cute: An Impossibly Small Horse Has Broken World Records – And Will Steal Your Heart.
  2. Tom Hanks, national treasure: Every Tom Hanks Movie in 7 Minutes (with Tom Hanks and James Corden).
  3. “Meanwhile, allow the single guest to marinate in her insecurity about being the only unattached person there.” This is almost too real: Couple’s First Dinner Party, Serves Six.
  4. Yep, I hate this, and yep, I’m guilty of it too: There’s a Modern Problem Afflicting Our Friends – And It’s Time to Talk About It.
  5. Hah: Genius Florida Hotel Blasts “The Circle of Life” to Wake Up Spring Breakers.
  6. So cute, I can’t: Puppies Predict the 2015 Final Four Championship.
  7. Pretty clever: Mime Through Time by SketchSHE.
  8. Can this be real? Full House Reunion Series Fuller House Nears 13-Episode Netflix Order.
  9. Kiernan Shipka is flawless: Growing Up on Mad Men: A Conversation with Matthew Weiner and Kiernan Shipka.
  10. New York cost of living makes me weep: NYC’s Coolest TV Apartments – and What They’d Be Worth Today.
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