Macy’s in Bloom

Macy's Flower Show10

One thing I love about any big city – New York, of course, included – is how easy it is to stumble upon something amazing when you least expect it.

This past weekend, a friend was in town visiting. There wasn’t really anything in particular she wanted to see, so we decided just to wander: around Central Park, down the High Line, through Union Square, and to the Flatiron (with a quick stop into my beloved Fishs Eddy along the way). After hitting the Flatiron, we continued up Broadway. As we walked through Herald Square, I caught a glimpse of the windows at Macy’s and immediately stopped in my tracks: they were spectacular.

I soon realized that they were all decked out for Macy’s annual “Flower Show.” Apparently, this is a thing, but I was completely unaware of it, and so happening upon these displays was a very happy occurrence. Each of the windows was filled with the most vibrant, intricate floral displays. I couldn’t get enough, and I especially loved how I kept catching glimpses of the surrounding cityscape reflected in the windows.

Macy's Flower Show4

Macy's Flower Show8

Macy's Flower Show3

Macy's Flower Show11

Macy's Flower Show14

Macy's Flower Show

Macy's Flower Show16

Macy's Flower Show2

Macy's Flower Show6

Macy's Flower Show7

Macy's Flower Show13

Macy's Flower Show9

Macy's Flower Show19

Macy's Flower Show15

Macy's Flower Show17

I think the ballerina window was my favorite – those floral tutus! – but among this crowd, it was tough to play favorites; they were all quite impressive. The perfect springtime Saturday discovery!

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