Philadelphia Freezing: A Chilly Weekend in the City of Brotherly Love

As I mentioned in my first Philly post, it was unbearably cold the weekend I was in town, meaning my list of “must visits” shrank with every degree the temperature dropped. Despite my frequent “stop somewhere warm because I’m freaking freezing breaks,” I still managed to do quite a bit in Philadelphia.

Number one on that list would have to be Federal Donuts, purveyors of only the finest fried foods: donuts and chicken. I went on Saturday morning for breakfast – a heavenly chocolate peanut butter donut that would make angels weep. Then, intrigued by the chicken, I returned on Sunday for lunch. I chose the sweet soy garlic glaze for my chicken, and it was phenomenal. Federal Donuts, I am still dreaming about you.

Federal Donuts3

One detail I kept noticing about Philly: murals, murals everywhere. I would love to come back one day and take a mural walking tour, but this time around, I settled for stumbling upon the murals by chance. I saw some pretty cool ones but know I only scratched the surface.

My inner history geek was dying during my visit to Independence Hall, the spot where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed. I got chills peeking into such a history-making place (and I got chills of a different variety while waiting in line to get into the building).

Keeping with the old timey, Colonial theme, I also stopped into Shane Confectionary to purchase ye olde chocolates. I loved the vintage vibes – especially the gigantic old school cash registers – filling the place. I nabbed a box of chocolates to bring back home with me to New York. The woman who waited on me was super committed to squeezing as many chocolates as she could into my box – a trait I highly appreciated.

A few doors down from Shane, I found The Gaslight, a restaurant with an open, industrial vibe. I tried the daily cheeseboard and a side of cornbread. The cheese was good, but the cornbread was great.

I was way too stuffed to eat anything at Reading Terminal Market – a real shame, perhaps – but I was more than game to explore the market anyway. The only problem: this place was crazy crowded, and left me feeling a little too claustrophobic.

At La Colombe, I had a cup of great (and strong) coffee, but what I found myself most enamored with was the coffee cup. Can you blame me?

And finally, I visited the Rodin Museum. As a huuuuuuge fan (an understatement) of the Rodin Museum in Paris, I knew this was a must-visit for me. While the collection was small, I was glad to have the chance to see some of Rodin’s work.

As my Amtrak rolled back to New York, it occurred to me that I had enjoyed Philadelphia but had not quite loved it – a fact, however, that I can’t blame on the city itself, but rather the weather. I cannot wait to come back and visit Philly under sunnier skies. And to eat another one of those donuts, if we’re being real here.

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