Venice: Crazy Colorful Burano

Venice - Burano24

There are some places I go because I want to do something: peruse a particular museum, try a new restaurant, explore a famous monument. Then there are other places that I visit without any big attraction in mind, but simply because they look beautiful. Rue Crémieux in Paris was one of those, and another would have to be Burano, a lovely island in the Venetian lagoon.

Venice - Burano4

Venice - Burano2

Burano is a 45-minute vaporetto ride from St. Mark’s, and is well worth the trip for one major reason: it is gorgeous. Each building in Burano is painted in a bright color, with the end result being that the island’s streets look like a fabulous Italian rainbow. While the island is also known for its many lace shops, I breezed right by those: I came for the colors, and the colors alone (and, okay, for a bit of gelato too).

And the colors. Oh man, the colors were magnificent. I always take a ton of photographs – why helllllllllo, Captain Obvious – but in Burano it was at another level. The island is picture perfect in almost every way, and under the scorching midday sun, everything looked impossibly bright and vibrant. I sought out favorite colors combinations (maize and blue, of course), I strolled with an equally colorful gelato in hand, I stopped to admire cute little houses with their laundry strung across the facades – simple pleasures, to be sure, but special ones too.

Venice - Burano8

Venice - Burano5

Venice - Burano6

Venice - Burano7

Venice - Burano26


After a few hours wandering around, I boarded a vaporetto filled to the brim with hot, sweaty, and cranky tourists. As the boat chugged back toward St. Mark’s, I will admit I felt a bit disgruntled at moments myself. But, ultimately, the moments of hassle were worth it. Burano is a treasure.

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