Central Park in Bloom

Central Park Springtime

I always thought I was more of an autumn person, but this spring has me reconsidering my stance. Seemingly overnight, blossoms sprung up all around the city, and though I know they won’t last for long, I cannot help but admire them.

While spring flowers are on what feels like every corner, the best place by far to admire them is Central Park. Last weekend, I went for a long, rambling walk around the park on what was basically the perfect day: warm but not hot, and sunny with bright blue skies. The Park whistled with activity: folks picnicking on the lawns, couples posing for engagement photos, kids toting around ice cream bars, and people, people everywhere, walking and smiling and enjoying the spring sunshine.

Central Park Springtime9

Central Park Springtime5

Central Park Springtime7

Central Park Springtime2

Central Park Springtime4

Central Park Springtime11

Central Park Springtime3

Central Park Springtime6

Central Park Springtime10

I was delighted by all the cherry blossoms and other signs of spring I encountered. I thought my favorite season in Central Park was fall, but this walk – and this entire season – has me seriously reconsidering.

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