Seaside Relaxation in Riomaggiore

During my time in Cinque Terre, I was based in the town of Vernazza and, truth be told, I was pretty content just chilling out there. Still, the area is called the five lands for a reason, and though I had seen each of them before, I figured I may as well explore one or two again this time around. Enter: Riomaggiore.

I hopped the train to Riomaggiore from Vernazza, and upon arrival, began the hike up into Riomaggiore proper. That’s the thing about Cinque Terre: you can take a train “to” a town, but there’s often a little hike to get there. In Riomaggiore there is – allegedly – an elevator to the main part of town, but after a brief, half-hearted search, I decided just to hike. After all, isn’t that what one does in the Cinque Terre? That, or eat gelato by the water.









The short climb, though, was worth it. I loved Riomaggiore, though to be fair, all of the region’s towns are adorable. Still, I loved it. I loved the walk up a flower-lined, mural-filled road into town. And especially, I loved the view from the heart of Riomaggiore, looking out into the Ligurian Sea, past the cheerful, brightly-colored buildings.

After poking around for a bit, I decided it was time to head to the next town, Manarola, which is connected to Riomaggiore by the Via dell’Amore, the Cinque Terre’s easiest walking path. I made my way to the Via dell’Amore, only to find…a gate barring the pathway. My walk to Manarola was not to be, and though I could have hopped on a train to that town, I decided to change up my plans.







A Pié de Mà is a wine bar on the edge of Riomaggiore, perched right up above the water. The views are stunning and the atmosphere relaxed. I grabbed a plate of cheese, drizzled with honey, and a glass of white and settled in. I read a little, I scribbled a few notes in my journal iPhone, I stared out at the water, literally sparkling under the midday sun. It was not quite the event I had planned for – but it was not too shabby nonetheless.

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