Things That Are Awesome, Vol. 146

The more-or-less (but who are we kidding, often less) weekly roundup of internet awesomeness:

  1. This is incredible. Watch the whole thing: Coldplay’s Game of Thrones: The Musical.
  2. So clever: Titanic 8-Bit Cinema.
  3. So adorable, I cannot: 27 Times Mark Ruffalo Won Tumblr.
  4. YASSS: 24 Times Elaine Benes Spoke Straight to Your Soul.
  5. This little nugget gives me life: You Must See This Pug Do a Spot-On Harry Styles Impression.
  6. Good: Women Read Sexist Quotes.
  7. Coveting: An American Bookshelf in London.
  8. Which type are you? Inbox Zero vs. Inbox 5000: A Unified Theory (for the record, I once glanced over at a friend checking her email and saw six thousand unread emails and felt sick).
  9. Hah: Why Is Your Millennial Crying?
  10. Yep, Amy: Inside Amy Schumer – Doggy Daycare.

(Image via Mashable)

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